Apartments and Condos

Right Away Construction and their team are Expert Project Managers.

We can perform all the repairs and renovations needed at your apartment compound or complex including:

We know what it takes to efficiently and effectively complete massive projects, on-time and on-budget.

You get descriptive written proposals that help you to make educated decisions with regard to the property you manage and the owner's investment you are charged with maintaining.

Our systems, labor force and material suppliers are equipped for any size project giving us the ability to smoothly tackle large projects while meeting the time constraints in place.

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A construction team dedicated to:

  • Maintaining a clean and safe work environment for our crew and your residents
  • Extra communication with management and tenants before, during and after the construction process
  • A schedule that allows you to keep a friendly, happy living environment
  • A smooth process and completed construction project using systems and managers

All of this adds up to personalize service that goes above and beyond the roofing and exterior to  ensure that you and your clients have a pleasant experience with our company and the renovation.

You and your tenants or clients will experience minimal inconveniences allowing for the end result to be a clean, beautiful, exterior that is well protected from the wide variety of Minnesota elements.

Insurance Claims and Storm Damage

Our team assisted with their first insurance claim in the Nineties and has been expertly serving homeowners with their storm damage claims every step of the way since then.

We are NOT some out of town storm chasers, our leadership and representatives are native Minnesotans who care about preserving the Minnesota way of life.

Caring, strong, and attentive - the Minnesota way!

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