Siding, Gutters and Painting

Quality workmanship on your roof and exterior EVERY TIME with Right Away Construction.

This not only means that your roof, siding and gutters look great, but that every consideration was taken to improve the protection of your home for the parts you can and can’t see.

Over the 30 years of experience doing renovations and remodeling, Right Away Construction understands all parts of your structure and what makes it last against the humid summers and the long hard winters of Minnesota.

We follow all the specifications, codes and instructions because high-end work requires attention to detail.


Special care is taken for your investment to ensure that any and all structural damage is repaired.

Things like rotten or deteriorated wood underneath your roof and gutters will always be completely repaired the right way.

Anything they find can be repaired. You can trust that your roofing and gutters will be installed correctly, even the parts that can’t be seen.
If any of these the following parts of your home like;
are found to be compromised, the expert representatives will document the damage and our skilled craftsmen will repair it, all within the parameters of Minnesota and International Building Code.

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When it comes to materials we’ve done it all but we prefer these materials over others.

Fiber Cement Siding:

there are many type and here is a list of the most popular brands

We believe heavily in cement fiber siding and love the result it gives every time.  We follow the manufactures installation methods to the tee including overlaps, expansion gaps, weeping, caulking, priming and painting.  You get a damage resistant, long lasting siding that needs minimal maintenance.

We will install other siding including horizontal metal siding, panel siding and certain types of wood and stucco.

Insurance Claims and Storm Damage

Our team assisted with their first insurance claim in the Nineties and has been expertly serving homeowners with their storm damage claims every step of the way since then.

We are NOT some out of town storm chasers, our leadership and representatives are native Minnesotans who care about preserving the Minnesota way of life.

Caring, strong, and attentive - the Minnesota way!

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Roofing, Siding and Gutters, for any home or building