Lifetime Roofs

Feel the ultimate in security when your lifetime warranty roof is expertly installed by Right Away Construction.

When installing a 50 year warranty or lifetime roof like synthetic or composite slate, composite shake, or Stone Coated Steel Panels, it is Imperative to fully understand the manufacturer instructions and how to implement these specifications along with Minnesota Building code.

Thirty years experience completing high-end renovations

Right Away Construction has the knowledge and dedication to detail needed for these and other types of 50 year roofs.

For a 50 year roof on your luxury home, estate or everyday home you get:

  • Respectful, courteous, workers that treat every home like a gated community.
  • An expertly installed high-end roofing system with upgrades as desired.
  • All the options available for a safer and more convenient winter snow season like falling snow protection and tactics to protect from ice dams.
  • Security knowing an experienced construction and remodeling contractor is managing your project.
Luxury homes and high-end renovations

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The types of roofing we install include:

Composite or Synthetic Slate and other types of synthetic roofing materials.

These types of products generally come with a high resistance to impact, splitting and cracking as well as a Class A fire rating and the peace of mind that comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Stone Coated Steel or other decorative metal roofing panels and systems

Coated Metal Panel roofing is an extremely durable and lightweight material that lasts for 50 plus years and is designed to imitate almost every other style of roof available.  They are beautiful, strong, low maintenance and energy efficient.

Wood shake, clay tile, and slate roofing.

Nothing beats the look of an authentic slate, tile or wood shake roof. You may not get the versatility but you will get the aesthetics.

We provide high-quality installations of all types of traditional, authentic, and historical roofing products and systems.

Insurance Claims and Storm Damage

Our team assisted with their first insurance claim in the Nineties and has been expertly serving homeowners with their storm damage claims every step of the way since then.

We are NOT some out of town storm chasers, our leadership and representatives are native Minnesotans who care about preserving the Minnesota way of life.

Caring, strong, and attentive - the Minnesota way!

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